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Our strengths lie in providing tailor-made cost-effective solutions to all Tanzanians and beyond. With our partners SwissLimbs, we are able to return back as smile and quality of life through regaining mobility and stable health conditions.

Well-created ORTHO-PROSTHETIC Lab – Powered with our partners SwissLimbs we have created state of a art ortho-prosthetic lab managed by local professionals and technicians, who also develop SwissLimbs’ new low-cost technologies.

What really differentiates us from others is our superior patient-centric focus, dedicated and committed team, long-term highly trusted professional partners’ and above all our ability to serve patients of all walks of life through subsidized services both at the Centre, online and home visiting. Our state of the art facility equipped with high-tech modern medical equipment ensures a seamless treatment process that delivers cutting-edge, professional and healing solutions with full accountability.

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